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Instructor Credentials


James C. Smith II

'-8th Dan Black Belt/Hanshidan in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, American Style Karate. Has trained in martial arts for more than 40 years.  -Master Jimmy has been instructing students for more than 25 years in the Hagerstown area. 

-HAGANAH:  Certified Instructor in Haganah/F.I.G.H.T. since 2008.

HAGANAH APEX instructor certified and AUTHORIZED TRAINING CENTER 2022.

-Master in art of Nunchukas, Sais, Kali/Escrima Sticks, Kamas, Bo Staff, and Bokken (wooden Katana)

-World and United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee and Distinquished Master Award Recipient

-Life member of IKSA (Independant Karate Schools Association).  

-AIKIA World International Network and Academy of Black Belts Accredited and Certificate of Agency.  

-Trains directly under the instruction of 10th Dan GrandMaster Floyd Burk (Editor of Black Belt Magazine), 10th Dan GrandMaster Danny Chapman, and "Superfoot" Bill Wallace.  

-Mr. Jimmy has received multiple recognitions from the Maryland General Assembly for his efforts in charity/fundraising for causes such as Breast Cancer research funding, was awarded recognition from United States Senator Barbara Milkulski for his work in building exceptional character development in children in our community, and White Tiger was a finalist for the Washington County "At Your Service" award for all of the service that Mr. Jimmy and his students do for our community. 

 Please see the "In Our Community" page of our website.  

-Home and Personal Defense Instruction.  Master Jimmy teaches home invasion safety seminars, knife and gun defenses, restraint escapes, and other real life defense skills not only here at White Tiger, but at national training seminars across the country.

-Certified Instructor in the Art of Pressure Points


3rd Dan Black Belt

Mr. Elijah

Mr. Elijah has trained in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido since he was in his early teens and now assists as a teacher in both the evening and after school programs!

Miss Marcia2.jpg

6th Dan Black Belt

Master Marcia

Master Marcia teaches Tae Kwon Do and Tai Chi and instructs in the Evening, After School and Summer Camps.

William Dean.jpg

2nd Dan Black Belt

Mr. William Dean

Mr. William has trained since his early teens and is a skilled practitioner in Tae Kwon Do. 


6th Dan Black Belt

Master Tina


Master Tina has instructed for 20+ years and is a Maryland teacher and instructs in the After School Program.

IMG_8203 (1).jpg

6th Dan Black Belt

Master William


Mr. William aka "Tank" has trained

since age 4 in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.  He teaches in the After School, Evening and Summer Camps.


3rd Dan Black Belt

Miss Grace


Miss Grace has trained since the age of 3, is a skilled practitioner of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Haganah.  

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