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  • What type of Martial Arts is taught at White Tiger?
    GrandMaster Jimmy, the Master Instructor and owner at White Tiger, is an 8th Dan (Degree) Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and American Style Karate. He knows many other types of martial arts and techniques, like gun and knife defenses, HAGANAH, etc. At White Tiger he teaches ITF (traditional) TAE KWON DO, A Cardio FITNESS KICKBOXING Workout class, and also his own developed COMBAT DEFENSE SYSTEM to his students. Miss Marcia, a 7th Dan black belt, also teaches Yang style Tai Chi.
  • How old do you have to be to start training?
    We have students as young as 3 and up into their 70s. All children become ready to train at various ages, but most are ready around age 4.
  • Do I need to be physically fit to train?
    No! Training in martial arts does not require you to already be physically fit. As a matter of fact, many students come to White Tiger to train not for the self defense skills, but for the sports fun and fitness they will obtain from their training. All students start at a beginner level and gradually build their fitness, flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina by attending classes and as they move up in belt levels. All students are welcome! Master Jimmy takes into consideration every student's personal abilities and works with them.
  • When can I start training/How do I enroll?
    At White Tiger we have open enrollment in all of our training systems year round. You can begin anytime you want. The best time to start into Tae Kwon Do is on a Tues. or Thurs. class - come in around 5:45 p.m.(That's when we open our doors after wrapping up our After School Program) since class starts at 6:00 p.m. on those days. That gives you time to get into a uniform, fill out he enrollment form, and get an introductory lesson if you need one! If you want to enroll into the Kickboxing or Combat Defense System, come in really any evening, but its best to come on a Monday or Wednesday around 8:00 p.m. (class starts at 8:15 p.m.) so we can get you into a uniform and ready for class.
  • Who is the main person who will teach me at White Tiger?
    At White Tiger you will have a consistent instructor...8th Dan GrandMaster James C. Smith II, aka "Mr. Jimmy". He has been instructing in our area for over 20 years, and training since he was only 6 years old himself. He is at White Tiger every day, teaching the classes and making sure he knows all the students and the needs of each one.
  • What are the different times/programs in which I can train?
    We have 2 main programs for students at our school - our Evening Program and our After School Program. We also have Summer Camps. Our Evening Program is where all adults train...but kids can train too! All classes are divided by belt rank, so families, siblings, friends of any age can all train together as long as they are the same belt rank. Classes in our evening program operate Monday - Friday between 6:00 pm. and 9:00 pm. and Saturday mornings from 9:00 am. to 12:45 pm. Our After School Program is for elementary and middle school age children who are in need of after school care and their parent would like them to train in martial arts after school each day also. It's a great way to get the after school care your child needs and their sport activity in all at once. See the After School page for more details or call for more information!
  • How long does it take to earn a black belt?
    At White Tiger there is a very specific curriculum of strikes, blocks, forms (katas) and other techniques that must be learned at each belt level. There are 9 gup belts (colored belts) along the way to a 1st Dan Black Belt. Each student progresses at their own pace, but most students who train regularly and practice will reach their 1st Dan Black Belt in around 3 years of training.
  • When and how do testings take place at White Tiger?
    At White Tiger we offer a Tae Kwon Do test on the Second Saturday of Every Month! That way students who know their belt level material don't have a long wait until the next available test. do have to know ALL of your current belt material, and everything at all the belts below your current belt level also. Testing is NOT easy at White Tiger. Mr. Jimmy expects your BEST. Most students will spend at least: 1-2 months at White Belt 2-3 months at Yellow Belt 2-3 months at Orange Belt 3-4 months at Green Belt 4-5 months at Blue Belt 4-5 months at Purple Belt 5-6 months at Red Belt 6+ months at Brown Belt 6+ months at Brown Sr. Belt Every student is different and it depends on how often you come to classes and whether you practice outside of class too! You will test when Master Jimmy sees you are ready. And when you earn your next belt you will know you earned it through hard work and perseverance!
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